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Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Associated with a Pulsating Artery

Effectiveness of High-Resolution Ultrasound in Diagnosing Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

Eunkuk Kim MD, PhD1 and Martin K. Childers DO, PhD2
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  • 1 Korea Olympic Committee, Department of Sports Medicine & Science, Taereung National Training Center, Nowon-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea.
  • | 2 Department of Neurology, Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, Winston-Salem, NC.
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We describe a patient with tarsal tunnel syndrome in whom ultrasound imaging revealed compression of the posterior tibial nerve by a pulsating artery. High-resolution ultrasound showed a round pulsating hypoechoic lesion in contact with the posterior tibial nerve. Ultrasound-guided injection of 0.5% lidocaine temporarily resolved the paresthesia. These findings suggest an arterial etiology of tarsal tunnel syndrome. (J Am Podiatr Med Assoc 100(3): 209–212, 2010)

Corresponding author: Eunkuk Kim, MD, PhD, Korea Olympic Committee, Department of Sports Medicine & Science, Taereung National Training Center, 223-19, Gongreung 2-dong, Nowon-gu, Seoul, 139-242 Republic of Korea. (E-mail: eunkuk.kim@gmail.com)