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Repositioning Buttress Internal Graft as a Modification to Distal Osteotomy Bunionectomies

Richard Rettig Einstein Medical Center, Philadelphia, PA

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The author proposes a novel use of redundant bone resulting from the lateral transposition of the first metatarsal head upon the shaft during a distal osteotomy bunionectomy. The bone, which is usually discarded, may be transposed to the lateral side of the shaft, fixated in place, and used to buttress the metatarsal head, thereby increasing the amount of transpostional shift that can safely occur with stability. By doing this, one could extend the range of intermetatarsal angles suitable to a distal osteotomy.

Corresponding author: Richard Rettig, DPM, 1335 W Tabor Rd, Suite 206, Philadelphia, PA 19141. (E-mail: rettigdpm@gmail.com)