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Correction of Severely Deformed Hammertoe Attributable to Silastic Implant Failure with Use of Calcaneal Autograft

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  • 1 Beltline Foot and Ankle, Mesquite, TX
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Few studies exist investigating surgical hammertoe correction salvage procedures regarding poor outcomes secondary to silastic implant failure. We present a case of a patient who presented to our clinic with a grossly deformed digit after undergoing several silastic implant procedures. The patient wanted to salvage the toe and elected for surgical intervention. Surgical planning consisted of a V-Y skin plasty with interposition of calcaneal autograft. This allowed restoration of anatomic dimensions and function of the patient's digit. We present this operative technique as a viable method of salvaging failed hammertoe correction procedures.

Corresponding author: Matthew Britt, DPM, Beltline Foot and Ankle, 1601 N Beltline Rd, Suite A, Mesquite, TX 75149. (E-mail: mbrittdpm@gmail.com)