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Grade III Turf Toe Injury in a Cowboy

Jeffrey D. Hogge Private practice, Independence, KS.

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Turf toe injuries are common, particularly in athletes competing on artificial turf. This debilitating injury and its associated sequelae can affect the long-term performance of athletes and others. In this case is presented an atypical cause for development of grade III turf toe. This case presents an acute injury with significant damage to the plantar first metatarsophalangeal joint, with plantar plate rupture and tibial sesamoid retraction secondary to injury involving working calves on a ranch. The anatomy, mechanism, and associated treatments are reviewed. The anatomical and functional interplay with this injury is discussed.

Corresponding author: Jeffrey D. Hogge, DPM, MS, 209 N 6th, Independence, KS 67301. (E-mail: footjeff8@gmail.com)