Treatment of Morton's neuroma as a nerve compression. The role for neurolysis

AL Dellon Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD 21211.

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The almost universal surgical approach for the treatment of Morton's metatarsalgia is to resect the neuroma through a dorsal incision. Considering that the mechanism for the metatarsalgia is chronic repetitive compression of the common plantar digital nerve between the metatarsal heads, this report explores the use of neurolysis in five patients with 11 involved nerves. In surgery, the intermetatarsal ligament is divided, intrinsic fibrosis is released, and the epineurium is opened. The mean follow-up period is 33 months. Complete pain relief was achieved in four of the five patients, with the fifth patient, 13 years after a crush injury to the foot, achieving good pain relief. All five patients resumed their usual jobs and athletic activities. One patient wears sneakers instead of regular shoes. The patient with the crush injury wears custom-made shoes.