Feet first. A commentary

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  • 1 Department of Community Health and Aging, Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine, Philadelphia.
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In 1989, the Board of Directors of the Professional Diabetes Academy, Pennsylvania Diabetes Academy endorsed the concept to revise Feet First, published in 1970, and gained the permission of the US Public Health Service to use the initial document as a base. With marked expansion, added color, nonreflective paper, and larger print, Feet First was published in 1991, and introduced to the podiatric profession during the Annual Meeting of the American Podiatric Medical Association in New York. The concept of need expressed by the late Glen W. McDonald, MD, and the late Seward P. Nyman, DPM, to see a melding of public health education and podiatric medicine has brought new meaning to the subject and provided an interdisciplinary approach to foot health education for the diabetic patient.