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The Efficacy of Functional Foot Orthoses in the Control of Pain in Ankle Joint Disintegration in Hemophilia

Matthew Slattery Head, Department of Podiatry, Fremantle Hospital, PO Box 480, Freemantle 6959, Australia.

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 BSc, GradDipHlthSc
Paul Tinley Head, Department of Podiatry, Curtin University of Technology, Shenton Park Campus, Selby St, Shenton Park, 6008, Western Australia.

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 BSc(Hons), PhD

Sixteen subjects with hemophilia A of levels 1–5 stage of joint damage were tested over a 6-week period to evaluate the efficacy of functional foot orthoses. The level of ankle bleeds (hemarthrosis) before and after the intervention with functional foot orthoses was determined by evaluating pain, disability, and activity levels. All subjects reported a significant reduction of ankle bleeds coinciding with the intervention of functional foot orthoses. The use of a foot-pain disability measure clearly showed significant reduction in the level of pain experienced by the subjects and in their overall index score. However, the disability and activity index scores showed no significant improvement after the intervention with orthoses. This finding would support the use of functional foot orthoses to treat patients with hemophilia A, as significant reduction in pain levels appears to greatly improve the lives of the patients. (J Am Podiatr Med Assoc 91(5): 240-244, 2001)