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Infant Heel Nodules

Calcification of Epidermal Cysts

Harvey Lemont DPM1 and Jane Brady DPM2
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  • 1 Professor of Podiatric Medicine, Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine; Director, Laboratory of Podiatric Pathology, Eighth at Race St, Philadelphia, PA.
  • | 2 Submitted during third-year residency, Sloane-Kettering Institute of Cancer, New York, NY.
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Calcified nodules of the heel have been reported in high-risk neonates following multiple needle sticks to draw blood. Previous reports suggest that the needle stick trauma causes dystrophic calcification. A case of multiple discrete firm heel lesions, which began shortly after birth in an immature-birth weight neonate who had sustained multiple needle sticks of the heel, is presented. Histologically, these lesions demonstrated foci of calcification and fragments of keratin surrounded by an epithelial lining, suggesting that calcified nodules may also arise from epidermal implantation cysts that secondarily calcify. (J Am Podiatr Med Assoc 92(2): 112-113, 2002)