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Chigger Mite Infestation

Wayne R. Axman Mount Sinai Hospital of Queens, Long Island City, NY. Dr. Brummer is now in private practice, New York, NY.

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John J. Brummer Mount Sinai Hospital of Queens, Long Island City, NY. Dr. Brummer is now in private practice, New York, NY.

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This article reports on a 45-year-old woman who presented with pruritus and was diagnosed as having chigger mite infestation, a rare condition. The chigger mite larvae were encountered while the patient was traveling in South America. A small erythematous area with a well-circumscribed papule in the sulcus of the second digit of the right foot was incised and drained. Follow-up examination showed relief of all symptoms, including pain and pruritus. This unusual case presentation underscores the need for all podiatric physicians to obtain a comprehensive history, including history of travel, along with performing a thorough physical examination. (J Am Podiatr Med Assoc 93(5): 399-401, 2003)

Corresponding author: John J. Brummer, DPM, The Metropolitan Foot Group, 1036 Park Ave, Ste 1-B, New York, NY 10028.