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Hallux Proximal Phalanx Akin-Scarf Osteotomy

Thomas S. Roukis * Weil Foot and Ankle Institute, 1455 E Golf Rd, Ste 131, Des Plaines, IL 60016.

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Numerous hallux proximal phalanx osteotomies have been described, but the Akin-type varisation or adduction osteotomies are currently the most commonly used by foot and ankle surgeons. This article describes the hallux proximal phalanx Akin-Scarf osteotomy. This osteotomy combines the inherent stability of the Scarf-type osteotomy with the versatility of the Akin-type osteotomies to correct pathologic hallux abductus interphalangeus, hallux equinus, or an abnormal digital length pattern, and it is an invaluable tool during the global surgical approach used for hallux valgus repair. (J Am Podiatr Med Assoc 94(1): 70-72, 2004)