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The Stance Phase of Walking During Late Pregnancy

Temporospatial and Ground Reaction Force Variables

Janelle K. Lymbery BAppSci(Physiother)Hons1 and Wendy Gilleard PhD2
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  • 1 Private practice, Tanilba Bay, Australia.
  • | 2 Southern Cross University, Lismore, Australia.
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The purpose of this study was to investigate temporospatial and ground reaction force variables in the stance phase of walking during late pregnancy. An eight-camera motion-analysis system was used to record 13 pregnant women at 38 weeks’ gestation and again 8 weeks after birth. In late pregnancy, there was a wider step width, and mediolateral ground reaction force tended to be increased in a medial direction. The center of pressure moved more medially initially and less anteriorly at 100% of stance in late pregnancy. The differences suggest that women may adapt their gait to maximize stability in the stance phase of walking and to control mediolateral motion. (J Am Podiatr Med Assoc 95(3): 247–253, 2005)

Corresponding author: Wendy Gilleard, PhD, Southern Cross University, Military Rd, Lismore, New South Wales 2480, Australia.