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    Buerger L: Thromboangiitis obliterans: a study of the vascular lesions leading to presenile spontaneous gangrene. .Am J Med Sci 136::567. ,1908. .

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    Wessler S, Ming SC, Gurewich V, et al: A critical evaluation of TAO: the case against Buerger’s disease. .N Engl J Med 262::1149. ,1960. .

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    Hoffman AF: “Evaluation of Arterial Flow in the Lower Extremity,” in Principles and Practice of Podiatric Medicine, 2nd Ed, ed by LA Levy, VJ Hetherington, BW Bakotic, p 12-1, Data Trace, Brooklandville, MD. ,2006. .

The Early Diagnosis of Thrombo-angiitis Obliterans: A New Diagnostic Sign

The Journal of the National Association of Chiropodists and Pedic Items, November 1930

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