Reprints and permissions

How to Seek Permission to Reprint JAPMA Articles

To request permission to reprint articles for publication, to make photocopies for educational use, or to reproduce tables or figures from JAPMA articles, please send an e-mail to the managing editor at

In your e-mail include the following:

  • The title of the article and the volume/issue/page numbers of the published article. (If requesting figures or tables, include the figure or table numbers as well).
  • The intended use of the reprint (eg, publication of complete article in another journal, to hand out at a conference, to use in a curriculum, to be included in a book chapter).
  • The name of the publication in which the article will appear (or if for educational use, the name of the institution, course, or workshop).
  • The date permission is needed.
  • Any other pertinent information specific to your request.


Permission is usually granted within 1 week of the request. However, if it is determined that JAPMA does not hold the copyright, and therefore cannot grant permission, you may need to contact the appropriate copyright holder. Please allow sufficient time for this process.