Information for Reviewers

What is Peer Review?

Each submission undergoes a rigorous peer review. Specialists in the field assess the validity, quality, and originality of the paper; assess its strengths and weaknesses; and provide feedback and suggestions for revisions. This process is double-blind: neither the author nor the reviewer knows each other’s identity.


How Does It Work?

Reviewers are invited to assess content that is within their field of expertise. Invitation e-mails are sent via the online submission system ( After the invitation is accepted, the reviewer has access to the manuscript and supporting files and completes the review using the online reviewer form. There are opportunities to make specific comments to the authors and editor. The reviewers’ input is vital in the editor’s decision-making process. Comments to the authors are shared with the authors and if a revision is suggested, the author should use those comments to improve their work.


Become a Reviewer

Medical literature is dependent on peer review. It is this system that ensures that published papers are of the highest quality. It is not a perfect system; books have been written discussing its weaknesses and flaws. However, no one has ever developed a better way of ensuring scientific validity. For the system to work, a cadre of expert manuscript reviewers must be assembled.

In short, we need you to make the process work! To become a reviewer, contact Warren S. Joseph, DPM, Editor at Include your CV and area of interest/specialties.


Reviewer Tools

When reviewers accept the review assignment, they will have access to the reviewer form, which is to be completed and submitted online. Preview the reviewer guidelines [PDF]